Chloe Finlayson

Tesco Bank


During my third year at university I completed the module ‘Social Mobile Apps’, where I was tasked with a responsive redesign of Tesco Bank’s website, specifically their loan journey.

During this project I redesigned the desktop, tablet and mobile views of the discovery phase of the loan journey and mocked up an interactive prototype using Axure. As the brief was incredibly unconstrained, I also looked in-depth at their current branding.


Upon starting this journey, the first thing that struck me about the current appearance of Tesco Bank's website was the branding and it's similarities to their 'Tesco Value' budget food label, who had recently faced a brand over-haul to the new 'Everyday Value' offering. I looked at other sub-brands of Tesco, including Tesco Finest and Tesco Mobile and noticed that a lot of them had diverged greatly from the original and iconic red, white and blue.


Taking inspiration from many of Tesco's sub-brands, I decided to propose a completely new palette similar to that of Tesco Finest range, featuring slick silvers and greys and a more muted tone of blue instead of the bright red, blue and white.

After this initial rebranding exercise, I moved on to roughly wireframing the current Tesco site and then creating my own iterations in wireframe form. I experimented with different content hierarchies, some of which focused on generating new customers and other iterations focusing on serving existing customers.