Chloe Finlayson



I was tasked with helping to create a brand for an interior design and build company called Hone.

For this freelance project my main deliverable was a logo, but in designing this logo I began to build the look and feel of the brand which will soon be translated into web and print. 


At the start of this project all I had to go on was the name Hone — a name representing the refining and perfecting of a build and also a play on words with 'home'. In order to get a better idea of the feel of the brand I sat down with the client to see some of their previous interior work. I immediately got a feel for the kind of work they were producing; on trend pastels, minimal decoration and bright, airy spaces. The client, an experienced builder and craftsman, emphasised how important it was to maintain quality during build — something that people often don't do when they opt for a cheaper, quicker builder.

From this, I put together a moodboard that would guide my process — using the actual product Hone were delivering as my main source of inspiration.

Inspiration moodboard

Inspiration moodboard


I pulled some predominant colours out of the moodboard to help me begin to formulate a palette, most of which were light, muted tones but with some dark, richer colours featuring as accent colours.

In my initial sketching of the logo ideas I touched on a few different themes: representing the shape of a home, different decoration methods used (tiles, paint strokes etc) and finally the building process (CAD drawings, measuring and crafting a space). I took some of my favourite sketches in to high fidelity and experimented with colours, text and positioning. 



To finalise this project I sat down with the client, reviewed all of the work and then iterated on the logo that we felt was the most representative of their business.

The logo we opted for is the outline triangle, interlinked with a square. This stemmed from the  a simplified sketch of a house, in outline form to represent the CAD drawings produced by Hone. The interlinking of the shapes is a loose metaphor for the link between designing and building — one of Hone's USP's being that they take the project from beginning right through until completion.